Spectacular!… 40, 17, 108, 600!!!

Yesterday was the big day! You remember my story of a few weeks ago? About the walk for the good cause, against cancer? So, that was yesterday!!! 🙂

The human pup picked us up at noon and there we went. I am used just to be attached as a real lady on the back seat of the car but now I was in the back!! I behaved as a real airedale-lady, pup said I’m a very good dog! Of course I am! 🙂

When we arrived I met several of my facebookfriends, some I already knew, others for the first time! I had to urge mum to take the red blinking thing… she was too distracted to think of it. Gosh, so many people: 108 walkers! But best of all: 40 airedales! Mum, I think there were a lot more dales than in Rockanje! 😉 And 17 other breeds!! My dogness! ❤

There we went! My dogness, weather was not to be called spring-weather but summer-weather! 24° C in the shadow! And we walked in the sunshine! Go figure! We walked in nature-area so all doggies were on the leash! Yes that went very well! 😉 Too hot to play or fight! hahahah.

Half way was my first human dad (human dad of my mum Fun) waiting for us with drinks! Drinks for the doggies and drinks for the humans!
This Lady does not drink from bowls where other doggies were drinking of! No way!! 😦
Stubborn lady, mum said! But she knows it since long and I had my own bottle and little cup to drink MY water! 😉 ❤

Afterwards the humans got “Limburgse vlaai”, a tractation of the human mum and dad of my mum Funnygirl! Wasn’t that great? Yes, yes, we got treats too! And poop-bags in a little bone-bag! Go figure!

And the best thing: we walked 600 euros together for tthe good cause: the fight against cancer! ❤

Must say I am still a little tired! So after posting this, I go back to bed! 😉

PS Thanks to mum’s human mum for the added pictures! ❤ Will you look for me in the pictures and in the movie? Oh yes, I am there!!!!!!!!
PPSS Most of the dales even are of the same big Van ’t Asbroek-family. Their name is like mine: Kita Van ’t Asbroek








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