New business! … Massage business!

Oh yes, you are never too old to start a new business! That’s what I always say! 🙂

So, I started a new business. In fact, i do it since long but now I make  a business of it! I earn 2 treats for ten minutes. I think that is not bad! Hahahaha! 😉

Which business you ask? Well, the massage business! I am very good at that, ask my mum! I do massage her feet and she likes it! I massage as long as she wants but she changes from the left to the right food regularly and after ten minutes I have to stop! 🙂

I love it! ❤ Mum too! And now I get a treat when finished. Mum says her feet are less tired afterwards! 🙂

PS Mum took pics and filmed a bit!



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