21 March?… Gotcha day!!!

Well, I get used to this… Yesterday it was Gotcha day! I came here with mum and dad and grandpa! (no Lizzie yet 🙂 ) seven years ago! I do not remember the day but mum surely does! Dad too! He loves adult dogs more than babydogs but I charmed him all right 😉

Few days ago mum said: we’ll have some me-time the two of us, alonne… for Gotcha day! Hahaha, that means I can make myself as dirty as I want! Welll, that is my interpretation! hahahahaha.

And I also got a big, dried pig ear yesterday! 🙂 ❤ This lady always makes a fool of herself, yes, after all: ladies don’t eat pig, I think… but it is quite tasty anyway! 🙂

PS I asked mum to add some pics of baby Kita and teenager Kita after the movie! 😉 That was before I was a lady, you see! 😉 ❤


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