Sanitary stops are… annoying

“Stop, Lizzie, stop! You can go on sniffing in a minute.”

– “Pourquoi? What’s wrong, Dad? Je veux continuer, moi!

– “We’re pausing, because Kita is taking a sanitary stop.”

– “Encore! She already interrupted our walk three times!”

– “I know, but that’s just how she does it: in small doses…”

– “She makes us pause every few hundred meters! Ça alors!

– “And what’s wrong with that, I may ask, dear Française?” 🙂

– “Mais quand-même, Kita, you can’t pee every 500 meters!”

– “Why not? How else will our friends know we passed by?”

– “Does all of our neighbourhood really need to know that?”

– “You like to sniff around for their messages too, don’t you?”

– “Bien sûr, but not for the same message every 100 mètres!”

– “You always seem to take forever before you do your need.”

– “Ça va pas, non? I relieve myself only quand il y a besoin.”

– “Every dog has his or her own style. Live with it, Frenchie!” 😉

– “And why do you have to faire pipi over my pee each time?”

– “That’s the privilege of the senior of two dogs, dear Lizzie.”

– “Now stop arguing, and stroll quietly on the leash again.”

(Walking two dogs at a time definitely is somewhat of an adventure time and again, and every once in a while it’s a real pain in the ass too, I can tell you that…)

Sissie Lizzie,
alias La Française

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