CopyKita and… CopyMum!!!

You know, mum has this French friend for about 42 years… We see her regularly! 🙂 I’ve been there too! 🙂

The French friend likes to knit: she knits all kinds of things… also CopyHumans. Mum crochets, most of all CopyAnimals. You remember CopyKita?

Mum’s French friend is very clever and humorous! For mum’s 60th birthday and the big thing, the tirered, remember?… well for that occasion she made me a CopyMum! No CopyKita without CopyMum, you see! 😉
If you look very well you can see mum’s typical things, hahaha: the earrings, the scarf, the trousers, the glasses, the red blinking thing, the hook and yarn… really mum! ❤

PS Mum, but be comforted: you are not as grey as CopyMum… 🙂 … not yet!!! 😉



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