Run free, grandma Cita!… Run free!

Dear granny Cita

Really, some days the news is not that good, isn’t it? After my mum Funnygirl, you left for the Rainbow Bridge! You will be missed by your human mum and dad, that’s for sure! 

And did you already meet my mummy and my grandpa Lennox and all those other friends? Will you greet them from me? 🙂

My mum says I look like you and she hopes I will become also almost 15 years old, looking as good as you did, dear granny! You were such a beautiful lady! ❤
I hope I have your genes… 😉

Run free, over there, granny Cita, run free and play a lot with all the other family members Van ’t Asbroek! Have a good time!

Lots of wet kisses and a biteyface!

Your granddaughter,
Kita Van ’t Asbroek

PS Mum found some pics of a good year ago!




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