Rockanje… here we come!!!

Mum, where are we going? Why are you talking about Hexe and James? I know Hexe from Cologne, I saw her there! But I never saw my cousin James. Are we going to Cologne? No? Oh, to Rockanje!!!!

Where is this française that I go tell her! She just settled in here when we went there last year. What? You don’t remember Rockanje? At the sea? With about 30 dales? You forget easily, sissie! 😉

Yeeey, we are the first on the beach! Where is everybody? Why don’t they come? Inside with coffee? Too much wind? They are not used to run on the beach! Poor humans and doggies! There they are! 🙂

Let the party start! ❤

PS Human mum and human pup of the human mum of Hexe and James were there too!!!! Great to see them again! Hahahaha, cousin James never saw the sea and he does not like the water! What do you say, mum? I was afraid of the sea the first time I went there?! SSSSttttt, nobody has to hear this! 😉


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