Mum, listen!!!… Do something!!!

Mum, listen to me! You really have to do something about this! About what? About what? Can’t you see it?
It is all the fault of this biteyface-française! Just do something! 

What is the problem? Have a good look!!! This lady happened to have a very nice beard, you always said so yourself! And look at me now! You see it? Almost no beard left! That’s the française: she eats my beard while we play biteyface! Just do something about it! 😉

No, I am not all excited! I just want my beard back! Impossible? Should grow again? Slowly? Well, you tell the française: no more biteyface! 😉
What? I have to tell her myself? How can I? When she starts I have to pley along, I have to defend myself: no way I can stop her! 
Besides: I like a bit of biteyface… 😉

I ordered mum to make a little fototoot of my no-beard-situation! 😦

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