Remembering Grandpa… à La Française!

Dad is sad.

I wonder why… I’ve done my very best – tout mon petit possible – to do whatever he wants or expects from me. I even haven’t been naughty! I’ve been very dynamic – although, je le sais bien, that isn’t always fully appreciated… – and I’ve given him lots of cuddles and kisses – câlins et bisous – but nothing seems to cheer him up.

Je ne comprends pas! So I turned to Kita for some wise advice. Comme vous savez, Kita is Mrs Knows It All, but of course she’s also my one and only best friend. “He probably is in a melancholic mood,” Kita explained. “You see, some years ago around this time, Grandpa Lennox passed away to go to the Rainbow Bridge.” 😦

“Please, Kita, tell me again about Grandpa Lennox… Comment était-il? What kind of a guy was he?” – “He definitely wasn’t an Airedale! He was a black Labrador – although I’ve always known him all grey – and he walked somewhat stiffly.” – “Je voudrais bien le rencontrer, I’d love to chase him around and bite in his legs!” 😉

“Oh no, dear Sissie! You wouldn’t do that twice! One growl and a snap, and every dog, me included – or you, for that matter – would leave him alone, if something didn’t please him.” – “Bon, je comprends… But you all loved him so dearly!” – “Ah, that grumpy, old teddy bear! Maybe deep down he was an Airedale after all…” ❤

Don’t be sad anymore, Dad. I’ll do all that I can – tout mon petit possible – to follow in his footsteps! In my own cheeky manner, of course. Cela va sans dire! ❤

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie

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