Big parcels and… a tired mum

There is this big news! Mum told me she will be more home from now on. She won’t be going to “her” library anymore! Go figure!
Who could ever imagine that? The news is that she is tired now…

Retired, Kita, retired!

Okay, too tired to go to work, that’s what I said! 🙂

No, Kita REtired!

Yes, yes, all right, I got it: ‘tirered’! What does that mean? Well, first of all a lot of inspection to do! Dad had to take the car and go fetch mum with a lot of stuff, that thursday of the ‘tirered’. So Lizzie and me we were inspecting everything! 
My dogness, mum’s colleagus even thought of us! We got poop-bags! Now, I like these colleagues: treats too, but not for us! And coffeee and yarn and a nice bag to put the crochetworks in! Quite some inspection. 😉

As always, the Française was not that interested, but I was! Also for the parcel coming with the postman! Mum liked that too! 🙂

Good news: more mum at home, more walks and get-outs, more crocheting… think I will like that! Although the Française is not interested… 😉  ,  I am!!!!!!!! I’m mum’s girl, you know! ❤



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