For ever… best of friends

Dear Grandpa Lennox

Today, three years ago you left for the Rainbowbridge! 😦 We all hope you have a very good time there and we hope it is there as you told me when you were still here! But I’m quite sure about that: you knew everything. You were so wise! ❤

By the way, did you see from there that the Française got me a nickname? She calls me: “Lady knows it all”! 🙂 I can hear you burst out in laaughter now, as you did when I asked silly things. lol. You see, I did not forget you, not at all! You were my first very best friend and that you will always be. You know what mum told me? I will see you again, one day! She hopes that is still far away in time…

But I have to tell you: I have a new best friend now, a second best friend for ever! My sissie Lizzie. She can be a pain in the… …! But she is very sweet most of the time, this Française. Last week we were playing biteyface while mum and dad were working and we made too much noice. So the little one (no, not me!) got a time out … I was really solidary so I went in her crate with her! 🙂 We did get a good laugh… so will you, seeing the pics! 😉

Have a nice anniversary of your Bridge-arrival-day and hugs to all my friends there! Oh yes, did you meet Canadian Duke?

Big wet kisses from me to my first best friend! ❤

Kita Van ’t Asbroek

PS I also send you the pics you asked me for! 🙂

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