La Française… discovers a New World!

Every now and then, comme vous savez, we go to the seaside. A la plage, comme on dit. Every once in a while, when we are in a somewhat philosophical mood, Kita ponders about many of her online friends far away, across the huge sea – l’Océan, comme on dit. One of them, she says, speaks both French and English, comme moi! Kita says he used to live in Canada, which is all the way to my breeder’s place en France, and again… et encore beaucoup plus loin!

He doesn’t live there anymore now, because he went to the Rainbow Bridge, apparemment. J’aime when Kita speaks about that Bridge, because of the stories about Grandpa Lennox and many other friends. Je ne comprends pas why we never go over there to visit them. Kita says it is impossible. Je veux bien, but according to the stories, Grandpa Lennox and this Canadian guy, Duke, would be much fun to hang around with, sans doute. So it goes. Très dommage!

Anyway, in the Canadian house of this Duke guy, there are a Mum and a Dad, like in our own house. All four of them speak French and English, comme moi! I would really have loved to meet them, but Kita and me, we had to go to the hotel – comme d’habitude, when Mum and Dad go away for a few days. This time, they went all the way to a big Dutch city, Amsterdam – wherever that is – to meet the Canadian Mum and Dad of Duke who went to the Bridge.

Afterwards, si j’ai bien compris, these people did meet James, Kita’s German AT cousin, with his Mum. Pourquoi pas moi? Moreover, Kita told me that very soon the Canadian Mum and Dad will be welcoming a tiny Aire Lady in their home! Ca alors! J’en suis persuadée: she’ll become my international friend, ma petite copine Canadienne! Every time we are à la plage, I’ll bark en français across l’Océan, to send her ma pensée from over here, en Belgique.

Sissie Lizzie,
aka The Frenchie



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