Fototoot … ordered by Lady Kita

These days my mum talks a lot about numbers! My dogness, yes! Numbers of days, numbers of items, numbers of books, numbers of ddds, numb…

dvd’s, Kita, dvd’s!

Okay, numbers of ddd’s, numbers of rom-d’s, …

cd-roms, Kita, cd-roms! (sigh)

Okay, I got it: lot’s of c’s, d’s and roms! So I charged her to make a fototoot at noon of me and the sweet, cute, little brown leaves in the street. Love them! When there is a slight bit of wind, they wirl around! 🙂
Mum loves their colour, she says. She is in the colour-business, you know! With all the crocheting and yarn and all that. I’m not in that business, grandpa told me that we see lot less colours than humans. He was so wise, my grandpa! ❤

Anyway: enjoy the toot I ordered and the colours if you are human. Fur-friends: enjoy just this lady! 😉

PS I wink at you, you see it! Mum asked me to!

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