I like this! … I really do!

My doggiemum’s human dad said it is not good to wash a dale lady too often… I agree! But I like it though, although it is only twice a year! We do not talk about my paws now, I can assure you, my paws are washed almost every day, some days even twice! 😉

No I am talking about this lukewarm water that falls softly on your back, and first water smells a little bit and gets me clean, mum says… But then all the other lukewarm water! Oh, yes, it is lovely! Grandpa loved it too! he did! So do I! ❤

And then comes the shaking time! Mum says: Schudden! (Shake!) And then I shake and the water is flying all around! (have a good look at one of the pics!) Then she takes a towel and rubs me dry… she tries… I can shake again! 😉

Best part? I go in my little house for half an hour and I get this delicious bully stick and another treat to clean my teeth! 🙂

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