I will tell about it… boring or not!

Me and my mum, well, we often disagree! We often go to the huge dogpark and I always want to tell about it and show pictures!
But mum says that my friends will get bored of always the same pictures! 🙂

Anyway, today, she gave in and I can tell and show! Lots of running and playing, of course! ❤

On the way home we met a bunch of schoolkids with their teacher. One was pointing at me and yelling: look a schnauser! I turned back and looked at the kid and even gave a small bark! All this noise! 🙂
Mum said: Nooooooooooooooooooooo, an airedale! Teacher repeated for the kid: you hear it, this is an airedale terrier! 🙂 Great teacher! 😉

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