Showing off my new collar… at the vets!

Well there was this very nice parcell in the mailbox yesterday! For me, yes, for me!!! My name was on it! 🙂 ❤
Oh yes, in the package was a new collar! Yep, again! And yes, Brackens’s mum made it. But I am particularly keen on this one! Why? It says click just like my harness! No need to put the collar over my head. I hate that, I do! 😉
It is beautiful!!! ❤ See the pics!!  

Mum said, come one, we go out, to show off your new collar and lead! We go to the vet’s! Silly mum, why don’t we go to the dogpark to show my new collar? Okay, okay, I come!
To the green clothes… On the scale: 24,600 kg (=49 pounds). Very well! 🙂

But then: on the table! There is something wrong on my cheek, mum explains! Mum, listen: there is nothing wrong with my cheek. What is she talking about? Hot? Hot again? No, she says spot. My dogness, I don’t understand a thing. 
The green clothes lady starts washing my ckeek with pink water! No way… Okay, mum and another green clothes lady hold me. Can’t move a millimeter anymore. 😦
More washing! Clipping and shaving! 😦 More washing…

We got in time there? No need for antibiotics? Only a bottle and a little pot that smells like it smells in a beauty parlour, mum says. Listen, mum, I am a lady… so that white unguent better smells all right! 😉

On the metro home mum said I got in all this trouble because I’m to nosy and get my head in bushes and long grass and… Mum, shut up: that is my inspection business! it is a bit of a risky business… And s… happens! 😉

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