Yes, me!!!… In the acrobatic business again!

Remember I had this playdate with Louis? Well something else to tell about it! 😉

In that fenced dogpark, there are acrobatic playplaces installed! 😉 You know I like climbing? Well, when mum said I could climb on one, I did not hesitate of course! 😉
I prefer trees, but this was fun too! On and off!

And then that youngster Louis he said I would not dare to turn on the way down and jump of it! Just don’t challenge this lady, who was a cat in a previous life, mum says! 😉

Guess what? That youngster was quite amazed! 😉

Silly mum thought she was filming but she was making pics: many, many pics. She was just in time to film my jump! ❤

PS Very short video is all in the end…..

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