Fototoot newsflash: playdate with… Louis!

Playdate? Is Bacon coming to the huge park, mum? No?? Do we go to another dogpark? Playdate with who? With Louis? And who is Louis?
What do you say? He is a young airedale guy of 6 months old? ohlalala. Put on my nicest collar, will you? 😉

Mum, this takes a lot of time, this metro/tram travelling! 20 minutes! This dogpark is far away! But there we are. And there he is that youngster! Ohlalala, mum, look what a handsome guy! ❤ Need all my seducing tricks today! 😉

We ran and ran and ran again! We were playing all the time. After an hour, playtime was over: young Louis has to go and rest! … Maybe this lady too… 😉
When do we go again, mum? 🙂

PS Mum has many, many pics… you will laugh! And a small video…


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