New business!!… Real business!!… I go in the real business!!

Okay folks, listen to this! You know I am a real business lady! 🙂  My mum is a bit too! As a library mum she loans books to people. That’s a kind of selling, it is the loaning-business!
But she is a bit in another business too! And because I have real business talents I think I’m going in the selling buiness! 🙂 The real selling business! 🙂

You know my mym is often out and about with me, tooting. But when she is at home she has these funny things she calls hooks and all ind of long wires… 😉
She calls that yarn. I like to run around sometimes with small ends of it, but I never, really NEVER touch her hooks and yarn. Althoug it is always on the couch, ready to go on! 🙂
People are always amazed that I have so much respect for my mum’swires! But I do! No, I do not lie!

But then about the selling business! The real selling business! I am selling what she makes! I really am! I’m showing off in the pics! ❤
No, I do not sell for treats, that does not work! I sell for real money: mum calls it euros or dollars. 
So if you want Christmas presents, you better tell us in time, I think… so mum still has time to be out and about with me too! 😉

PS Want to know more (prices and so) or want to order? Or you want something that is not there, in the link? Just ask it!
Mail to
or have a look here:


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