Today we are in … the hilarious business!

For all those in all parts over the world, not living in our part of the world… a fact to tell you: We have a footballhappening! In France! Countries of over here are playing football in France to become the European champion! A whole month, my dogness! 😉

Me? I do not mind too much about this… but where ever you go, you see the colours of our nation: Belgium! Why? Our team, the Belgian red devils are there too! 🙂

So, me and mum we decided to go in the hilarious business! Human pup got us some hats: devils-hats! And in the petshop we were doing a fototoot!
Well, we were laughing very hard, we were having lots of fun and at that moment the least of our attention, at least my attention, was the ‘toot’! Too much laughing and fun and treats… 😉

And this time I’m not the only clown in the pictures… my mum is too! 😉

See the result: HILARIOUS!!!! Really hilarious! 🙂 🙂 😉

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