Today is about… art, family and numbers!

Think I should explain very clearly this time, because it could be difficult… a lot of mums are involved and there is art involved too! As you understand, not the most easy subjects for a dale-lady… 😉

First of all there is this painting (see pics). Piece of art representing an airedale. But a very special airedale! In this airedale there are names! All these names are members of MY family! The Van ’t Asbroek-family. Go figure this! 😉 We really are famous! 🙂

And the biggest name in the middle? Funnygirl? That’s my doggie-mum! My mum, my doggiemum!, in the middle with the biggest letters! ❤ And there also is my littersister Karolle. And my grandpa Desmond, and my uncle Apollo (Pol for the friends) and my uncle Classico the treeclimber and… 😉
No, you silly, I’m not in it: I do not live with my mum’s (doggie-mum) human mum, I live with my human mum. But my name is Van ’t Asbroek though! I lived with my mum’s mum 7 weeks, as a very tiny baby! ❤
See that it gets complicated with all these mums?
In the pictures you can see it all! 🙂 With comments to specify so you wont mix them up, all the mums! 😉

And then there are these numbers! On the tv-typing-machine I could read that I already told 777 stories here! I thought it was time to dedicate this one to all my mums: doggiemums and human mums! Cheers, mums! ❤


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