An airestar… between the stars

This morning me and mum saw something we never saw before… 🙂

We were on the beach and it was low tide. I know that because I had a lot of place to run. That’s what I did untill I started the inspection business too! 😉

On the beach a lot more shells than normally but… I know about that, at my age… 😉

But then… it seemed I was not the only star on the beach, mum said, there were hundreds of them! No, no airestars like me, stars coming from the sea! My dogness, so many!! I even was sitting on one of them! (see pic)
Lot of inspection to do! 😉

And in the middle of all this running and inspection business, mum decided to start the training business too! Did quickly all what she asked me to do… (see movie for 1 little part) The quicker I could go on with my own businesses! 🙂 ❤

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