Monday, June 13th, 2016

09:15 am
“Look, Kita, mum is off to school, to attend to her library, and I ‘m leaving in a minute as well. I’ll be back in a few hours, OK?”
Oh, no! You promised! We were going to watch the Red Devils game together! You did promise that!
“I know, I know, but the kick-off is not until nine o’clock this evening, you silly. We’ll watch it together, no worry.”
OK then, but don’t be late.
“No, I’ll be back in a few hours… Here, take this bone to chew on. You’ll love it.”

01:15 pm
“Dad! Where have you been all this time! We missed the game! And you did promise me!”
“What are you talking about, Kita! It’s only 1 pm, the game doesn’t start until 9 pm, I told you that several times before I left…”
“Well, I… You know, we… Oh, this clock reading thing, it just isn’t my cup of tea, I guess.”
“Don’t worry, we’ll watch the game together, I promise. Now relax. We have plenty of time, we’ll even take a walk together and be back well in time.”
“OK, OK, I get it. I’m going to take a nap now. Just wake me up in time, will you?”

3:15 pm
“How long until the kick-off against Italy, dad?”
“Six hours, Kita. You’ve asked this very same question six or seven times already…”
“Ppppffff! I’ve already taken three naps, I’ve peed and pooped, and walked and everything… What more is there left to do in a dog’s life?”
“Patience, dear Aire Lady, practice some patience… We’ll get there eventually.”

5.15 pm
“Dad, how long…”
“No! Kita, please! Stop it! Give me a break, will you! I told you…”
“No, not that! How long before I get my evening meal?”
“Oh, I’m so sorry! I forgot! Right away, darling… Here you go.”

8.15 pm
“… [zzzzz] …”
“Kita, where are you? They are starting the previews! They are introducing the players!”
“I’m sorry, Dad, I’ve been so excited all day, I haven’t slept a wink, I really am too tired now to watch this game with you…”
“But… I thought we were…”
“After all, it’s not very exciting, is it? Why watch twenty clumsy humans run after one ball? I’d much rather do the running business myself with my mates at the dogpark, you know.”

“?????” – Who in the world can figure out what goes on in an airedale’s mind?


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