Today’s episode is about… daily routine!

Normaly, when me and mum go out together, we take the elevator. But now since a few weeks we have a new routine. Must admit we had to practice and train a bit, but it is fun! ❤

We only use the new routine in the evening when everything is quite in the building. I don’t understand why but mum says she understands and that is enough. Full stop, she says. No use arguing after a full stop! 😉

It goes like this: we leave the appartment, mum closes the door and I stay on top of the stairs. Mum goes all the way downstairs, and all the way down the hall. When she very silently says: Kiiita, then me, I start to go the same way. No, I can’t run and galop as a horse, I have to walk ladylike, otherwise i have to start again. Mum is behind the corner but she sees me, she says… and she does. She says back if I run. So I walk like on a catwalk… hahahaha! Then we go out together. 🙂

When we come home, we take the elevator. That’s an old routine: I lay down, I get up when the elevator arrives, I get in, I get out and I wait at the door of the appartment. Without commands, oh yes, what did you think of this city-lady? 😉

Proof is in the movie!

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