Fun! Fun! Fun!… More fun!

Because the weather was rather warm this week, mum said I should not be too much in the running business. But yesterday, we got up early and she said we would go for a swim. 

A swim? She must be joking! I do NOT swim! And I never saw her swim! And we would go for a swim? 😦

What do you say? Bacon comes too? Oh yes, the white fellow of mum’s colleague! The ball addict! What? He has to learn to swim and I should teach him! Really, mum, today you are in the joking business!! 😉

But of we went! Swimming lesson? hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Go figure! Fun, fun, fun, fun! Bacon, in the end, understood! He is a great actor! 🙂 He was faking the swimming, he had his back legs on the ground! 🙂 hahahahahahahaha… And I did wet my belly, but I did not mind this time! Too much fun! Mum said I was not a good example for Bacon during the swimming lesson! hahahahahahahaha! 😉 i always showed how to turn back! hahahahahahaha! 😉

We had so much fun! ❤ And the mums too! 😉

PS Film in the end, after the pics: they make a comic! 😉



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