A real lady eats with… a fork!

Since a long time I asked mum to teach me! Since grandpa said I can’t eat as a real lady should! 😦

So I want to learn it, really, I want to learn it! I want to eat with knife and fork, as my mum does! Did my grandpa Lennox? No! But he was not a lady, he always said! hahaha! 😉

So, finally mum understood and we took the first step: I started to learn to eat with a fork! Think it is easy enough! But mum says we never start eating with fork and knife! NEVER, she says. Okay, just for now, I’ll take that for granted: I’ll eat with a fork! 🙂 ❤

Mum, and a spoon? Next lesson? She is not of the quickest, my mum… I don’t need so much lessons, I’m a quick learner… But I know: a lady has to be patient… 😉
To be continued…

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