Feast-day?… Gotcha Day!

Tomorrow is the 21st of March! That’s an important day! Really! Even my grandpa said so! It is Gotcha Day!

But we celebrate already today, mum says. Tomorrow she is library-mum, you see.

1. We = me, and dad and mum, went to the huge dogpark: always fun! 🙂 By the way: who is the politest girl of the very huge dogpark when treats are involved? Have a look! 😉
2. I got a new toy! A little squeeking tire-man… Always fun too… 🙂  untill I chewed a hole in it and then I had to give it back to mum! 😦
3. I got a nice bully stick in stead. Mum said she was “prepared”. Prepared for what? 😉

So I had a nice day and I’ll show you some pics of today and of 5 years ago! Oh yes: and the movie of the chewing… grandpa would say that chewing is boring for a movie! I want to show it: it is my Gotcha Day after all! ❤

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