Hahahaha!… Two mums scared to death!

Few mornings ago… morning walk near river Scheldt…

There we meet Angie (a Lakie I think). There is a little place near the river Scheldt where little and grown up humans play basketball or football. Normally a lady keeps on the leash over there. But early morning, sometimes little doggies play there of the leash: baskethumans are still sleep! 🙂

So I met Angie and her mum and… we could play a bit. Two terriers together? Square in mischief, the mums said afterwards. 😦

At some moment Angie went up the dike… near the Scheldt… Of course I followed! We went down at the other side: inspection requierd of course!
Out of sight of the mums! 😉
They got on the dike too of course but we already disappeared! Hahahahaha!

Angie and I went down all the way to the Scheldt! No problem, I explained to ‘little’ Angie, it is low tide! I know about these things, you see! 🙂

We run down there and enjoyed the view! I said to Angie not to swim to the yellow buoy. Of course, I don’t like to swim! 😉 We really were having fun! ❤

Then I heard the whistle language! Oh, and mum blow with force! So I looked for my way back up the dike and Angie followed! We got up the dike and arrived  all merry and smiling! 🙂 Soooo proud of my new inspection business! 😉
But the mums were not smiling or proud about us  at all! 😦 I got my whistle treat all right, but with lots of explanations about low tide, and dangerous silt (with dirty oil in it) and getting stuck and… scared mums and… 😦
Okay mum, what is silt? Oh, I have it on my paws now?

Well, paw plunger did great work as you can see! 😉

The only catastrophy in the end? Mum had no red thing and no black speaking box! We went back in the afternoon to make pics of the place of the crime! Mum, who is Crime? Me? Some days? I don’t get the picture, mum! I’m lady Kita Van ’t Asbroek… 🙂 Can I get of the leash and go down again? 😉


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