Big sunday-play-party… with small and big friends!

Yeeey, to the beach, mum? Yes, and it does not rain! That is nice!

This sunday morning was a big beach-play-party! Imagine this: three new friends! ❤

First: Sam, the little brown one.
Second: Gitte, the little grey one.
Third: Orca, the very big one, with my colours.

And the there were all the rainbows. You could not believe it! I was a bit puzzled though, looking and watching and searching… Mum, and where is that Bridge? I see the Rainbow, I don’t see the Bridge! Can’t I see grandpa? 😦
But then I went playing, mum surely explains it later! 🙂

Mum made lots of pics and also a very short video. Yes, a short one! Because it started to rain cats and dogs (which I could not see, just like the hidden Bridge) and everyone hurried home! 😉

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