Lady Kita… meatballs… and the meatball-beast…

Strange and unfair, that’s what I think about it! Listen!

Few weeks ago, another mum and dad came to dinner. I like that news because things will be prepared and I’m the inspector of the kitchen, you know! Inspection business!

Mum was cutting meat and then she started to make these balls! That’s fun! I lokk very carefully all the time, I pay attention and I act as a real example of the perfect lady! Yes, I know how to do that! Believe me! 😉

Mum does the thing for the balls in a big bowl, she puts kind of bread on it and a lot of things dropping out of little pots and an egg. Everything is mixed. Then making the balls starts!
Now comes the unfair part! While making the balls I only get one!!! 😦 Mum gets two to taste! 😦 And believe it or not: dad even tasts three of them. Grandpa Lennox, this would have you made very mad, I know! 😉

Later on comes the strange part! There is that beast in our house called fondue! That beast is put on the table and gets all the meatballs! The mums and dads feed the beast all the time: the meat, the balls… Everything goes in the beast. My dogness! This is so unfair! 😦 Mum says the beast is filled with spicey broth and not oil, that’s healthier!
Well, a healthy beast that ate all and I only got one meatball! 😦

Hey Kita, you forgot to tell what you got to comfort you!! That’s not fair either, Lady!

Euh, euh, did I forget to tell? 😉 I got several dried parts of fish, especially made for doggies, right from the ocean. A gift of the human pup…
Is it okay like this, mum? Can I have an oceam-treat now too? 😉


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