Like you to meet… Chaco and Bambou!

Grey sky or not, we go out and we go for a run. That means: I go for a big run and play, mum goes for a walk. This morning was a bit special!

I met two new friends! First of all: Chaco! Just like me, he is in the runnning business and in the playing business! But then, he is not only in the water business, this guy is also in the swimming business! He knows the sea very well, he lives here! Mum said I could swim too if I wanted… hahahaha, she really likes joking, my mum! I turned back when my belly got wet! Mum and dad of Chaco had to laugh… 😉

Bit later also came Bambou, the one with the nice pull over! First he was on the leash, but when his dad saw he could play with us, he got off too! 🙂

Lots of fun! And… I have a date for tomorrow morning!!! 😉


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