Sharing treats… on Christmas morning.

Mum, listen, you promised that I could wear the new bandana on Christmas-day, even for the walks in the wet grass! Okay, she said and I even had the choice! 🙂 The one with lots of colours smells best so I want that one, mum!

Off we go! Oh, yes, mum promised to go and see the buffalo sheep. I want to share some treats with them! We took some bread with us! That was fun. A whole fototoot and film too! Although mum is not good in walking and filming at the same time, so I can’t show the movie, which is a pity!! 😦

Near the Scheldt we did a fototoot with the new bandana! 🙂 And normally I do no kisses, really not. Mum and we do: nosy-nosy. But today I gave her a big wet kiss! ❤
Mum was very surprised! I thought she might faint! hahahahahaha! 😉


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