K and… J … and… J…

Okay, these days it is getting dark very early… so in the late afternoon, mum makes me kind of a christmas tree to go out. 😉 She says she has to see what I’m up to and where I go!

This time, I had fun on the beach. met some good friends. First Jara, she is my niece, you know: Jara Van ’t Asbroek. You see: I am Kita Van ’t Asbroek. Same name!!! 😉
She always plays with a ball, so I ran a bit with her. Mum made pics and she filmed. But she had to change something on the red thing, because of the dark and now everything is flu and hazy… Nevertheless, you can see Jara and christmas-Kita. ❤

On our way home, we were surprised by Jazzy. You can see us too, in the very dark. Jazzy ran away from her mum and dad and wanted to play instead of going back… So we went in the direction of the calls… in the end she was going where she was supposed to go. I said to mum that she still has to learn about the whistle-language! 🙂 If her mum does not use it, they should not be angry with her. For once my mum did agree. Go figure! 😉

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