A lot of wind?… No, a lot of businesses!

It is winter, mum explained me! At least, it should be! But in the afternoon we have 15° C! I know, it’s grey and it is really very windy… but still. 🙂

As often these days we went to the huge dogpark. Big business today! Lots of running and… mum gave in! I was pleading and pleading… because mum was saying weather  is more summerlike than winterlike, and not cold… So I was pleading to go in the waterbusiness today.
We were going in the right direction all right but she always kept calling me back. And me whining and pleading and… 😉

At one moment, not far away from the waterbusiness, she said: GO! ❤ Well, don’t telll me that 2 times! Off I was… it is in the video! Mum was almost too late! hahaha, I was that fast. Mum says when the weather is windy, kids and dogs move around a lot more… I don’t know… Watch it and tell me! 😉

PS Even a little bit digging business!


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