Saturday night fever… and lady Kita!

On saturday night lots of people go out and have fun: they go to the restaurant or go dancing! Hahahahaha, no I did not go to the restaurant although I often do and I did not go dancing! 😉

What did I do? Me and mum an dad we went to the old part of the city to see from nearby all the light we see from home too! My dogness, lights there were and lots of people too! White lights, blue lights, coloured lights… whatever! ❤

And kind of sports too! Something to go off a snowhill… gggrrrr, we looked some time at it. And christmas-market… And iceskating elsewhere… of which we made no pics. Talking about the pics! That was difficult. But this time, I’m in the pics, at least in a few… hahaha… 😉

I was very tired when we came home and I went right to bed! 😉 Mum says that’s because I saw so many lights! I say it is not only the light that makes me tired, also all these leggs of all those people, between which I had to maneuver! hahahaha! 😉

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