Lady Kita loves… Santa!

Finally… my mum is home! She has holidays… That’s nice! Holidays are rather busy for me because I can go everywhere with her… 😉

So first thing to do was going to the post office! (Yes, I’m allowed to go in there!!) We got letters from the postman to go there! Letter said Santa was passing by when we were not at home! And, oh, my dogness: Santa brought us so many packages! My dogness, me and dad and mum were very surprised! I told her earlier, I was a very good girl this year, I really was… so Santa did not forget us!… And maybe my dad and mum were a little bit good too, they also got presents! Go figure! 😉

Presents came from all over the world, from different continents, mum says… Who is “continent”, mum? Australia, America, Europe. Are they doggiebreeds, mum?

Hahahahahahahaha, stop it, Kita! Those are places! Where your friends live! 🙂

Oh, my friends told Santa to pass by? That’s very nice of them. Mum, make some pics! And I’ll bark: THANK YOU ALL!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


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