Grandpa’s game? … I can it too!

Dear grandpa Lennox

Yes, I write you again! Yes, that is very soon after last letter. But I have big news! ❤

Last weekend, we went to the seaside, to the beach. Remember the game you always played with mum and dad, surely when you were younger? How you liked to run from one to the other and back, long ends and never stopping? Of course, you liked the treats… 🙂
Do you remember how you tried to teach me that game, in the huge dogpark, a few weeks before you left for the Bridge? Of course slower than before and not 40 times as you used to… And this stubborn little one would not do it so many times? You remember? You know my slogan: if I showed I understand it and I can do it, that’s enough! 😉

Well, here is the BIG news! I did it! I really did it! I played your game! On the beach! What? You do not believe me? Mum did not believe her eyes either, so she used that red thing to prove it! Quality of that video is horrible: playing and filming at the same time is not mum’s cup of tea, as you surely remember! 😉
Ask for a tv-typing-machine over there at the Bridge, put on your glasses and have a look! 😉 Don’t use your glasses with the little blooper… 🙂

Till next letter, I get my dinner soon. Should be ready for this new food!

Big hugs

Kita, the little one
(who is big now!)



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