Queen of terriers????… Queen of stormwind!!!

When we went out this morning for the big morning walk, it was clear enough: a lot of wind! I like that though! Although my “coiffure” is not to be shown afterwards! But this lady does not bother about that untill the grooming table and the brush are in sight! 😉

So, off we went! To the beach! When we arrived, mum said ‘oh no’!!! What? We don’t go on the beach for the morning run? I will pull a bit on the leash. I want to go and have a look! Euh… she did not understand… I firmly pulled on the leash: to the beach, mum, I want to see this! 🙂

Finally she said that we could try… Hahaha! YES! 🙂
My dogness! What is this? I run around in it! Mum, look, I play with the sand. It gets on my paws all by itself! Even when I do not move! I have sandboots now! Look! 😉

We did not stay long. 😦 Only ten minutes. I ordered mum to film a bit and to fototoot too. At first she did not want too. Sand could harm te red blinking thing, but finally she did, a bit, at least! 🙂

And mum did not want to return at noon, not at all! 😦 I was pulling, but it did not work for a second time… she only got a bit angry and said that this queen of terriers is more a queen of stormwind! 😉 Did not sound too friendly though… 😉


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