11 november… remembrance day

In our country there is a tradition: the first day of november, everybody goes to the cemetery and puts flowers on the ‘stones’… I know that, yes! But me, mum and dad do not like this very busy cemetery-days. We like it more quite and peaceful. 🙂

So, we do it different! We don’t go on the 1st but the 11th! Because 11 november is a remembrance day too! We remember all together! 🙂 ❤

I like this day! We drive to different places and we get in and out the car very often! And we make walks to see the ‘stones’. At every special stone where we stop, I sit down and whine a bit to say hello. Of course, mum, I know what it is all about… Why do you wonder and doubt that?
And then at one place mum got a bit angry: doggies not allowed! I barked! I was a bit disappointed too! I felt sorry for all those mums and dads burried here and their best fur friends can’t go and greet them? 😦 Poor friends… Sometimes the world is disappointing… 😦

Anyhow: some nice remembrance-pics!


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