Hihihi, me and… matching colours, everywhere!

The tv-typing-machine was talking to me a few minutes ago! It said: “Everyday an airedale Kita, congratulations with your jubilee!” I had to run to mum to ask when Jubilee was going to come. As always, mum was laughing at me… A pity I could not ask grandpa: he called me the little one but understood you can’t know everything.
Anyway, mum explained it when she stopped laughing: jubilee is not a dog but a kind of anniversary. Exactly four years ago I told my first story! 🙂
First story
And a few days later the first real fototoot! Well, here you are permitted to laugh with! 😉
First fototoot
And a few days later... Trees loosing fur!

I think life is quite a series of replays… but that is allright! Oh yes: it means that these days trees lose their fur again! You can walk and run and play in that fur and it makes such nice noises. I love the sound of the fur of the trees! ❤
But most of all, me and mum, we love the colours of the fur of the trees in this time of year! Oh yes… And the big news: colours match with my colours! 😉

So we are very happy life is a series of replays! ❤ Soon, maybe it will snow again and afterwards the trees get new fur… and so on! Lovely, don’t you think so! Enjoy it, friends! 🙂

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