Unbelievable! Incredible!… So many… airedales!

Mum, where are we going? Yes, yes, I get out of the car and I follow you!

Mum, look! Another airedale! Mum! Mum! Mum! Lots of sirs and ladies! My dogness! Mum, I am not dreaming, am I? I bark! No, I’m awake. This is really true! Mum, we never saw so many airedales together! 🙂
Mum, are we in airedale heaven? 😉

No, Kita, in Rockanje! For a nice walk with the folks and dales of ATVN!

Mum, my foreign friends will never believe this! Please, make a very big fototoot. Then I can show all the fun to my friends!
Mum, and we can run off leash here! This really is paradise! Mum, this is fun! See you later! 🙂

Oh, here you are, mum. Glad you used the whistle-language… lost you for a moment between all these dales and mums and dads! 😦

Hahaha! Normally it is the other way around! 😉

Mum, look, here is Duc! He is from Belgium too! 😉 He is a nice big guy, isn’t he? ❤

PS I “forced” mum to put all the pics here, I could not choose, you see! My Dutch friends surely want to see them all and find themselves in them! 😉 And maybe my foreign friends too! 😉

PPSS Now it is time for a very BIG nap! 

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