My dogness… great holidays!

Well, I am exhausted… I really am! How that comes?

My mum and dad were having a city trip. I know what that is: sometimes we make a city trip to the old city of Antwerp. We go and have a look at lots of things. I like city trips, you know! So I was a bit angry when mum and dad were talking about the city trip and… i could not come. I really was disappointed! 😦 But I was not for long, oh no!!!

I was going to holiday mum’s place! I knew it when mum was making my little bags of food for every day! 🙂 Yes, indeed! I spend almost a week at holiday mum’s place! Go figure! The fun we had!

Friends of this week? Suka, Nuggett, Balou and Lokum… We played and played… I even destroyed several squeezing animals and holiday mum was not angry at all! We played with the rests of them! hahaha 🙂 We were playing with a ball inside and we got it under the cupboards and then we told holiday mum to get it for us! 😉

So much fun ❤ , but now I am exhausted… I’m sleeping all day… I add some pics of my very tiring trip to holiday mum and some of mum’s trip too! 😉 (after mine of course! Click on Venise!)


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