Big party… at the huge dogpark!

In Brussels people can’t go to parties or concerts or… it is too dangerous. Mum’s tv-typing-machine says Brussels is empty on this sunday. They call it a ghost town in the news on her machine! 😦

Well, I have other news, much more funny news! I went to a party this morning! Yes, I really did! That was not my intention, surely not mum’s, I know her.

Listen! We went to the huge dogpark this morning, as we did yesterday. Yesterday I was alone, today also, I was strolling around on my own. But then came al the friends! That’s fun! Play-party! But, as you can imagine: all mums and dads come too! And then the play-party turned out to be a real treats-party! ❤

Because I’m a lady I really waited politely for my turn, as you can see in the pics. Some days I love this red thing: it proves I can play grandpa’s game and it proves I’m a very polite lady! In the end I had to go and explain I did not get any treats yet, waiting politely! Well, that pays! I got double treats several times! 😉 Should remember this for next time! 😉

PS You see me all alone, in my huge park??? 🙂

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