Don’t dare… to laugh as hard at me as my mum did!

Really! I have to tell this…

Yesterday morning we were very early at the beach! Even the shrimp-fishing people were still on the beach… 🙂 I was running and having fun! I even was flying with the birds… pic is not too good, but you can see it! 🙂

And then, this detective lady spotted something weird. In the water… Don’t like to wet my belly, but I did. Had to inspect this thing! If it was dangerous I could tell the whole world! 😉 I was rady to do a good deed!
So off I went! For the inspection! Mum filmed it all! And most of all: she laughed at me, so much the camera moved all the time… You’ll see! She zoomed too… To see the thing. Stupid and laughing mum thought she saw a watermelon! hahaha. She was too far away… Her boots were not high enough to come in the water with me. hahahaha. Anyway, maybe she was a bit right… made a bit a fool of myself, barking at a ball as if it was a bomb! 😉

Afterwards I had to run even more, to keep warm! I did do what mum said, although she laughed at me as much as that! 😉 





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