Blooper… because of detective-business!

Business as usual? Not with this lady! 😉

Yesterday morning on the beach… me and mum were all alone on this very huge beach, at low tide. Because I can see her from very, very far, I can run away very far. I don’t have to worry something will happen to mum, you know, so it is safe to leave her alone for a bit. When she starts feeling lonely – that happens! 😦  – she uses the whistle language to call me. And then, off I go! Every time… or maybe not every, every time…

Mum calls these not-every-times the bloopers! 😉
So, she filmed a blooper-time. I did not come immediately because of some detective-business. Frustrating business, did not found what I sniffed! Frustrating… In the end, I went to mum and said she should come too! We did go and had a look, as she calls it. 🙂
Both of us in the detective-business… not found what I was looking for… Mum was laughing: she really did not understand. She said I should not find a dead body of some kind! 😉





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