Back in business… at least for one half!

Last weekend there was another huge music festival in the huge dogpark! 57.000 humans came to my park! Go figure. Too crowded for the running business and there were fences everywhere to keep the humans in! hahaha…. 😉  And us: out! 😦

But today we went to take a look and we are back in business: part of the fences gone and half of the huge dogpark was given back to the doggies! The little wood too! So I practised my running and chasing business! Even when I disappear on a hunt, I always go back to mum! She filmed it! 😉 ❤

On the way home, my mum was stupid! Yes, she can be so stupid sometimes! 😉 All pigeons were home and together! She wanted a pic! I still told her to zoom and not go nearer! She did not listen, my stubborn mum: she went nearer! 😦 She forgot I was with her and pigeons don’t like doggies, even not ladies like me. They like humans all right, they bring their grains! 😉 Result? In the pics! hahahaha!





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