Very busy saturday… my dogness!

Yesterday was a very busy day for this lady! 🙂
In the morning me and mum we made a big walk near the river Scheldt. It was high tide and I even got a present offered by the Scheldt! A real green treasure! Mum said I should give it back! 😦 No way! I took it almost all the way home with me but then I got bored carrying it and we did put it in a bin! At least I dropped it and mum put it in the nearest bin… 😉

After the walk me and mum made this fototoot of two little new creatures in the house: little cats! One is leaving soon, but the other not yet, mum said. 🙂 That took quite some time! Mum says I’m a better model for fototoots than the cats! Did you doubt about that, mum? 😉

But then!!! In the afternoon, dad said we were going to a funpark. Mum, do you understand this? Dad does not seem to know there is that music festival in the huge dogpark with 60.000 people (yes, again!!!) and we can’t go there? 😦 What? We go by car? Since grandpa went to the Bridge we never went to the huge dogpark by car! That’s idiot, mum says, doing 900 meters by car! She is right for once! 😉

So… where is that funpark? Ooooh! I see, we go to the shop of mum’s human pup! Because I have very difficult intestines she adviced to change food! She is a shopmanager but she studies too, you know, she is a very clever misses! Since two years she studies to be able to give people good advice. 🙂 Okay, we fototoot of course and I even gave her kisses! We came home with a small bag of new food. Guess what? It is very tasty!! Mum says I acted like grandpa, swallowing all rather quickly… Did not need hours to finish this bowl… Could be the ckicken that mum added too, of course! 😉
What? If it works we go back in two weeks? Wow!!! That’s nice… always get a treat of the human pup! 😉 ❤

PS Mum made one pic with special effects and she even does not know how she managed that! hahahahahaha

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