Hey Sam, Ike and Zip… I talked with the mini-buffalo!

Last monday afternoon my mum was a while in the hospital. A surgeon was digging a hole to China (T&T, this surgeon still can show you things!!) in her mouth to her nose to dig out something naughty. So mum was not in her library for a few days and her face was always under a white thing with ice. Well, not much adventures to live or to tell. 😦

But now she is a bit better, I asked her if she finally would make the film for Sam, Ike and Zip! I want to show them that I, lady Kita, is best mates with the mini-buffalos. That’s how their mum calls my little friends! 😉 I’ll explain!

We often go there now. One day, end of july, I speeched to them. I explained who I am and that a mini-buffalo should not be afraid of or angry with a lady… I talked quite a bit, mum was not pleased! But the mini-buffalo was! 🙂

So nowadays we are the best of mates! When we arrive, he comes and we do nose-nose-greetings! 😉 ❤

Sam, Ike and Zip, do you do nose-nose-greetings with your buffalo’s too? 😉



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