Fashion-days for… this lady

Mum, a package!!! Yes, for me!!!

Who does it come from? Waaaauw, you really mean that? From Chef Mauricce and Dusty and Poppy popstar and little Larry?!!! Waaauw! What’s in it? Oooooh, look, mum, new bandanas!! Coming all the way from Australia! My dogness, what a great present! ❤

Mum, come on, take the red thing! Fototoot!! FOTOTOOT of my fashionshow. yes, I look that way! Black one is really funny, isn’t it? 🙂
Now the red one, put it a bit to the right, then you can see it better! That goes very well with my harness! I’ll look to the ceiling, can you fototoot it all right? 😉
Now the blue one! Maybe that’s my favorite… I have nothing blue untill now. Can I keep it on for the rest of the day, it is sunday, you know! Can I? Yes!!!!!! I can!

Mum, I’m a real city-lady now, am I not? 😉 🙂

Thank you so very, very much Maurice, Dusty, Poppy and Larry!!!! xxx ❤

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