Hey little larry… just be less naughty than this lady! ;-)

Dear Larry

So you are the cute little brother of my big love Chef Mauricee! You are one of a lucky guy! Having a real Chef as a brother! And as I can see: a very kind brother! He lets you play with his toys! 😉

I just write you this letter to give you an advice! I got the same toy of my mum as you did! 😉 Yes, she is nice, I know! But I was less nice… I think. I had fun though… for a moment… not anymore… I explain it to you! 🙂

In the “bone-toy” is a squeek! Well you better let it in it! Just don’t do as this lady did… I tried to get the squeek out. Result? Mum took the toy and made it disappear… So, what is my advice to you, little one? Do NOT chew on the toy! Do NOT destroy it, then you can keep it! And you can play with it. 🙂

Oh, by the way, the pictures your big brother was sending to me are so cute, really! Thanks!

Big hugs and kisses, for Chef Mauricee too, of course! 😉

Kita Van ’t Asbroek

  1. Sulke mooi speelgoed! Maar ongelukkig werk dit nie met Wally en Murphy nie. Hul skeur hulle s’n gereeld en dan moet ma dit weer toewerk! Ek het gesien daar was ’n nuwe klein Larry op fb, die een wat so soet in sy slaap hok klim.

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